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Secure Payments

Secure Payments

Pandora Direct 

Pandora-Direct takes normal output from the Accounting package and re-formats it for the security printer, optionally with signature control. Output can consist of a mixture of security fonts and plain black draft font (typically used for remittance advice lines).
Pandora-Direct Base includes the following:

  • Interface between Windows applications and the High Security Cheque Printer
  • Support for one cheque format
  • Multi-currency support

The Extended version offers in addition:

  • Support for three different cheque formats.
  • Monitoring of cheque numbers
  • Monitoring of ribbon life
  • Page counter
  • Full English Word Conversion, which accepts values in figures and outputs those values as the full English Word equivalent. (a far more secure method of filling in cheques)
  • E.g. R1,250.00 becomes One Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Rands 00 cents.

Options for either version are:

  • The signature control module, which automatically prints signatures on the cheques. The module can optionally request an ID and password for signatories, before each cheque run is printed. Requires at least one signature font in the printer. Option includes the first two signatures. The signature module also includes support for printing a NOT TRANSFERABLE crossing on cheques as required.
  • Second tractor support, which allows you to have two different cheque stationeries loaded in the printer and select them automatically. Option includes the second tractor hardware unit for the printer.

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